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Original ukrainian cream milk butter 82.5%. For China
Original ukrainian cream milk butter 82.5%. For China - photo 1
Posted: 4 January 2018, 05:09

Original ukrainian cream milk butter 82.5%. For China

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$5,000-5,200/ton, min. 20 t
Delivery terms: CIF Shanghai, China
Сумцов Александр
,  Chornomorsk, UA
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Butter 82,5% fat

Dstu 4399:2005

Ingredients: cream from cow milk. Cream is converted into butter by churning. The butter designation is dedicated to diary products which consist of homogeneous water emulsion in fat.

Sensory properties

Taste and odour

clean, creamy with pasteurization taste

Consistency and look

homogeneous, plastic, consistent. Cut surface is shiny and dry


Light-yellow to yellow

Physical & Chemical Properties

Fat, %


Moisture, %

max 16,0

Nonfat milk solids, %

max 1,5

Acidity of the fat phase, 0K

< 2,5

Titrable acidity of plasma, 0T



min 6,25


QMAFAnM, cfu/1g

< 1* 10 5

Group of intestinal bacteria sticks Coliforms / 0,01 g

not allowed

Staphylococcus aureus *CFU / 1 g

not allowed

Listeria monocytogenes / 25 g

not allowed

Pathogens including Salmonella / 25 g

not allowed

Yeast and fungi mustiness, cfu/1g

100 in total

Analysis according to standard methods (IDF or ISO)

*Colony-forming unit

Nutritional values (calculated)

Energy value (/ 100g):

3 140 kJ / 748 kcal

Nutritional information*


0,5 g


82,5 g


0,8 g

Vitamins: A

0,59 g


0,38 mg


0,1 mg

*Theoretical values / 100 g

Antibiotic Residue

Tetracycline, mcg/g

max 0,01

Penicillin, mcg/g

max 0,01

Streptomycin, mcg/g

max 0,5


All food applications


20 kg cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, 800kg, 80*120 cm.

Storage and shelf life

Butter must be kept in its original packaging sealed and protected from air and light in the refrigerator at humidity not more than 80%.

* 10 days* - at 0°C to +6°C

* retail sell and in restaurants

• 3 months - at 0°C to -5°C

• 9 months - at -6°C to -11°C

• 12 months - at -12°C to -18°C

Suggested labeling

Butter 82,5%

Additional information / Food safety

Our product contains the following allergens: milk protein, lactose.

Our ingredients contain no genetically modified organisms and as such are not concerned by a labelling requirement (Regulation 1829/2003/EC and 1830/2003/EC and subsequent amendments).

According to our monitoring plan, our ingredients meet the European standards or at least Codex recommendations, in terms of:

• heavy metals: lead (Pb), arsenic (As), Cadimum (Cd), mercury (Hg)

Our ingredients underwent neither irradiation nor ionization.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment of cream used for making butter at 105 - 115°C.

Packaging compliance

The materials used to package our ingredients comply with European regulation EC 1935/2004 (and subsequent amendments) for materials and articles intended to be in contact with foodstuff.

Storage conditions

Our products should not be stored with fragrant stuffs.


Our product is certified: iso 9001:2009 #ua2.163.07848-13 2; iso 22000 #ch10/2190.

Our product is Halal certified.

Our product comply with Ukrainian national standardization system: Dstu 4399:2005.

For particular analysis or specific regulations, please contact us.

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,  Chornomorsk, UA
Flagma member since 15 May 2014
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